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  1. Magic Island - PVE server The Magic Island Cluster is PVE experience is a much more fairly balanced environment, Right now we have two server which is one for Ragnarock and another for Genesis. Changes include : Additional Creature spawns - So you can go out and get whatever dino your heart desires More rewarding loot from beacons, loot crates and even basic dino's Engrams are available to everyone so no need going onto another map to get that engram you really wanted Breeding has been changed to let you have a life and get somewhere There is a admin
  2. Magic Islands is the new of my server and I would be happy for anyone to join. Its a PVE server which I have changes things to be balanced to make Ark a less tedious game while not complexly breaking the aspect of grinding and working to get something. Right now I have a cluster set up between Ragnarock and The Center. The changes I have made are : Drops have been modified to give rewarding items or even a chibi Custom Spawns from other dlc's like aberration and extinction Fairer balanced stats A increased taming multiplier at 7x Breeding has b
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