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  1. So finally got back on after 40 hours off, I had one Anky left from all my stuff. Now having to grind again due to ark problems they best do something about this, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who pays for things.
  2. This is getting ridiculous now! Haven’t even heard anything from ark about the problem, is it even going to get fixed?
  3. Yeah this is really not good, been over 24hours, Also dunno when it will be back up. Hopefully not till the morning now as going bed soon.
  4. Yeah and it looks like a good one with all the bonuses, I had Gigas breeding at the time. Fingers crossed it’s not long.
  5. Servers down still! Hey everyone, the servers are still down for me. Wonder if it still is for everyone as it’s almost 24hours now. Hope someone helps out.
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