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  1. Sorry as well if that makes no sense hopefully it makes sense and thank you again. Keep up the awesome work.
  2. Sorry for the late reply Cedric did not get a notification. You do good work on the community posts just words are hard sometimes for me cause well my disability. Just needed that clarification making sure fishing is the only way to get them which sounds like the case so thats good to know :). if info as clear of day like you have with the rates and new skins, no issue I can understand it but when it like what you had with the fishing one it confused me cause I know in the original events you had to get skins/items say for example you had to collect bones then suddenly in the version 2 of event you have to now grab falling gifts. So for example Ced instead of what you have now for me it would work better. Header chibi's In order to get the chibi's you need to fish for them time round. Feel free to make it creative but as long at the end of the day if it clear as day as what you got above with Wild Event Creature Colors Red Magenta Light Red White Then I am all set and no issue. Also cheers for taking notice and following up. You do an amazing job Cedric, keep it up :).
  3. So are the chibi's only obtainable via fishing this time round then? Just wanting to clarify cause of my dyslexia makes it hard to read the crunchs. Thanks in advance.
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