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  1. Estou jogando PVE Oficial estamos com alguns boss feitos! buscamos jogadores para dividir as tarefas e se divertir! TODOS são bem vindos.
  2. Hello my friend at ragnarok there is a mountain as mentioned above that has a huge metal content. Coord. Lat 80 Long 60.

    will there be an event this week?

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    2. Dinobros2000


      Wdym?? An event for what? Like ark evo event? Why do you ask me, I wouldn’t know.

    3. Linkximus


      Sorry I wanted to know when the next EVO event would be.

    4. Dinobros2000


      i have no clue, i dont think for awhile tho, and i think the next one will be 2x harvest and tame and XP again

  4. Are there any websites that show the list of dinos to be tamed?
  5. Estou muito contente com o trabalho e o foco nas melhorias do jogo!
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