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  1. Theoretically it’s 256 (something to do with coding). On official I think you can push about half that many before pushing stats over hatch limit if you’re doing HP and melee. A single stat could push that high. But you’d need 0 point stats in most of the other stats.
  2. If you’re on a private server the level won’t cap at 450. So tame away and mix. The gist of my post is this: product a ton of females that are low mutation (less than 20/20 when you add the male and female on the patrilineal and matrilineal sides) and then breed your super male across them all. Hope to have a male and then do it again when it’s raised.
  3. Here’s how we did it: tame 100’s of wild dinos. Take these, and mix to produce the lowest stats possible (or lowest you want to use). From there, produce an army of non mut females with the perfect stats you don’t plan to mutate. Example being oxy, food, Stam, weight if you’re looking to mutate HP and melee. i recommend having as many as you can manage. We use 600 females in our rex program (two tribes allied for easy feeding). Now starts the work of breeding the key stats. Since rexes take 4 days to raise, we breed HP in one line and breed melee in a second. So we make 600 eggs every two days for either HP or melee and hatch and raise every two days. If you miss a mutation (it happens a lot), just breed again. We keep the HP and melee on separate lines until we want to mix them. Usually we get lucky and get a male and female of one or or the other. So I wouldn’t mix unless you have a female and male of opposite stats you want to mix. Once this perfect HP and melee is mixed into a male, we now breed the entire 600 females again to produce as many females as we can. We usually raise 50-80 females to produce and trade eggs from. All the while we continue the stat mutation breeding. Then we rinse and repeat and mix again at some point to keep moving stats up. You can never cleanse stats or dinos once you pass the mutation threshold. Breeding so the baby has less than 20/20 mutations just means you have 2 chances to mutate. Once you pass that after your 19th mutation, you cut your chances in half to just the non mut females giving you the mutation. There is the chance to cause an integer error in the coding and hit negative mutations, though. But it takes many breeds. These negative lines act just like a non mut though.
  4. Incorrect. War was disabled for a short time on PVE. It is and has been active for months. I believe they forgot to keep it disabled after the initial patch and never bothered to turn it off again.
  5. You probably duped your character when transferring. Go to a server where you don’t have a character and see if you can download from the cloud.
  6. The continued theory of bucketing both game formats into one bucket. It would be so helpful to delineate the two formats into slightly different coding arenas. They do this already with dino pick ups and other slight differences I’m sure I’m forgetting. But it’s doable. We just need to be heard and give positive feedback that they can use.
  7. These instances have got to be so minimal that it’s nearly irrelevant. I haven’t seen many posts on mesh related thefts anyways.
  8. It’s frustrating for sure. But it’s been a bug for a long time and it’s way low on the priority list. So we will just keep taming new bees I guess.
  9. The anti mesh on PVE is purely for reporting bad spots. PVE is the incubation rest area for the aggressiveness of the anti-mesh because PVE players are more apt to report the issues. I think the miss is Wildcard not replacing gear on this. They would get a much better response if they figured out a way to replace everything. But they can’t allocate the proper resources to do that with the volume of tickets they have and would receive. Par for the course really for Wildcards customer service. They struggle to do what the players want, and that drives them off the game. It’s all about the bottom dollar. I know I won’t be purchasing any further DLC’s because of how burned we’ve been in recent times and the genesis 2 month delay.
  10. Take shotguns to shoot it. That’s your only hope when it bugs out and gets stuck. You can also try a mana and fly up to it to aggro. But have everyone else shooting with shotguns once the dragon and monkey are dead. It’s been broken for years on SE and it didn’t get fixed on Val either. Pure luck of the draw whether you will win or not.
  11. It took Wildcard 3 months to fix a server last year for us. We were raising gigas and the server crashed. Came back up and it rolled back. So we pushed on. It would crash every 30 minutes almost on the dot. We raised gigas for 32 days. Then it took them another 2 months to actually fix the server. We had reported it numerous times along with everyone else on the server. You might have better luck pinging Adam aka lilpanda on Twitter. He is the one that has the ability to fix servers quickly, but he has to see the report.
  12. I had several freshly tamed ones (by me) not give a bee back. I tame on aberration, then place the hives from honey the next day. Destroy hive and nothing is there. They are easy to tame, but it is frustrating to have to do it all over again.
  13. How do they reenable something like the login lock and then nobody is awake to fix this? Did the overnight guy fall asleep after he hit the switch on accident? I feel genesis is going to be a struggle for us. Wildcard has always been a two steps back kinda company, but the last few months felt like they’ve gone in the right direction until they announced the second genesis delay and the anti mesh and now a full blown login lock. GG Wildcard
  14. It’s not great. Especially when you DC during tek suit flight. If you don’t hit something while DC’ed, you will fly out of the border wall and die. This means you lose everything on you.
  15. I have had oil pump houses wiped for blocked. Seems this is a bit of a grey area and might depend on what GM you get and how they’re mood is that day.
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