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  1. More stable = transfer issues, two day delay on event, people dying when they touch the border wall, and constant DCs on nearly all map. Please tell us more @complexmindedabout how this game isn’t a steaming pile of diplo dung. I’m happy to say I’ve been Ark free for 8 days. That “little transfer issue” took my character, ate a new Dino mutation, and cost us 300 eggs that went poof in the upload process. What a freeing series of events. Arkless hasn’t been more refreshing. I hope you guys don’t screw Gen2 up too badly, but hey, Ark2, right?
  2. #1 reason we left this map behind. They should have used the Ragnarok variant Manticore, but instead they used the SE variant which is also bugged and doesn’t land.
  3. Manticore bugged is the exact reason we left left SE and Valguero. Broken for years. I wish they’d implement the Ragnarok version of Manticore where it lands.
  4. Is this PS4? Hit Adam up @lilpanda on Twitter. Might have better luck. I think this will become more and more common as servers run out of resources. Same thing happened to us on our extinction. They know about it but it’s not fixed after 7 weeks.
  5. I’m on PS4 PVE and this exact thing is happening on our extinction server. Adam has said he’s aware and it’s on his radar. I’m guessing it’s just a server hardware issue.
  6. We left the map due to this issue. Not worth it. Especially now that genesis allows you to farm nearly 2k element in 30 minutes on 2x
  7. This form is a joke. If it worked even remotely, we wouldn’t have to fill it out 100’s of times just to see our servers still suck horribly. This has been going on for nearly two months! https://youtu.be/yiP4pAB72To
  8. We have the same issues. Punching works, but getting the two characters to meet back up within a foundation or so seems to be the best method. So I help my tribemate walk back to where he sees himself. It’s goofy, but it’s ark. So we keep on keeping on...
  9. How do they reenable something like the login lock and then nobody is awake to fix this? Did the overnight guy fall asleep after he hit the switch on accident? I feel genesis is going to be a struggle for us. Wildcard has always been a two steps back kinda company, but the last few months felt like they’ve gone in the right direction until they announced the second genesis delay and the anti mesh and now a full blown login lock. GG Wildcard
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