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  1. The dumpster tappy aka trope could be replaced by allowing the regular grinder to give us hard poly and creating a new saddle for the tappy. Done and done. No new ugly bird.
  2. This form is a joke. If it worked even remotely, we wouldn’t have to fill it out 100’s of times just to see our servers still suck horribly. This has been going on for nearly two months! https://youtu.be/yiP4pAB72To
  3. Wildcard fixed Ovis with the most recent update. Mutton is no longer viable to tame with early game unless you can get 20-30 of them killed at once. They’ve been nerfed into the ground to “help with lag”.
  4. The boss fight is so bugged atm, and the XP required to hit level 155 is so high, that the majority of survivors will only ever need gamma. Anything beyond that would take a normal person 2+ years to hit level 155. We’ve completed alpha and it was terrible. Half the people that went in saw a black screen for round one. Then when the fourth round came around, 4 people glitched out of the boss arena and could only watch from ocean or arctic as they still got the levels but no engrams. And this was after we lost 50 rexes due to 3 failed runs where 7/10 people didn’t port at all into the arena.
  5. Accept the fact that there are several alpha missions you’ll never complete. one you can do though is “we will rock you”. Use a tek Rex saddle and put up tek turrets at the lava pool on the foot print count 66. Use high ground to your advantage on the first two parts and you’ll beat it easily. Not as fast as the other missions with a giga, but you can farm it.
  6. Major issues with the controller boss fight. It seems everyone needs to be in the same tribe rank group. Allies can go in as well, but you have to unclaim dinos to them. I recommend everyone mount a Dino when teleporting in as that seemed to give us a bette result (far from perfect though). Our last try on alpha, two people stayed out of the round 1 fight and then teleported in on round 2. They saw the key count on the right so we thought they might come in. Once we made it to round 4, 5/10 people glitched out of the boss arena and landed in random spots on the map. Ocean/snow/bog. We could still see the key counts and luckily we won. We got the +15 levels for winning even though we glitched out but did NOT receive the alpha engrams.
  7. Seeing this issue across multiple servers and maps. PVE servers 995-1005 extinction; 32 Rag; 841 Island; 1066-1067 Valguero. All randomly missing. But we can join if a friend is playing on the server.
  8. We got to the final part easily with meks + cannon attachments. The last part is rough though. That is what we are working on now.
  9. Go to a random server and download your character as it has been duped.
  10. Gigas no for sure. I hear only tek or x rexes can go in on single player, but haven’t confirmed. We’ve been using tek rexes and running successful twice now.
  11. Stat allocation seems to be incorrect. I have two ferox with the same hatch HP - 583. When enlarged, one has 11k HP and the other has 10,500 HP. A third ferox with a hatch HP of 389 when small, enlarges to 15k HP. I see the same issue with melee. Stat distribution is wrong. This makes breeding for stats nearly impossible as there is no way to tell what will roll. It would be nice to show the cool down timer on them at all times instead of me having to pod them up and throw them out so I can see the timer for 3 seconds. Third issue - this has happened twice with two different ferox. I took them to level them up by picking up a small form. When I got to the hatchery, I threw it down and fed an element and it poofed. So I went back to the other building and it was in its original spot enlarged. So they teleport back randomly if they’ve sat in one spot too long?
  12. Had both happen to us. Worse is when you decide to bail because 3 of the 8 people don’t TP in with you so you pod all the rexes and then the body of the person with the rexes doesn’t come back out. Adds salt to the wound for sure.
  13. 600+ melee is absolutely glitched. Which is likely why it’s dropping.
  14. It’s the whistle all function - it overrides groups. If you put the rexes into a group, does that help? I think it would but maybe not?
  15. We beat Alpha Moeder with ease. 3 mosas and 5 basilos. 3 of the basilos were tamed and all only had 40-50 armor saddles.
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