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  1. #1 reason we left this map behind. They should have used the Ragnarok variant Manticore, but instead they used the SE variant which is also bugged and doesn’t land.
  2. Manticore bugged is the exact reason we left left SE and Valguero. Broken for years. I wish they’d implement the Ragnarok version of Manticore where it lands.
  3. Must be the old school beta player in me then. We were hardcore up until about a year ago. Ridiculous hours. It just seems to be slipping. Flip side we did all buy the new DLC. So I guess it’s a mixed bag.
  4. And the tolerance to accept these constant mistakes shrinks every event. Probably why we’ve not even bothered to log in other than rendering for the last 8 months other than a few couple hour sessions.
  5. Anky and crab then will be your best bet. Long journey. But make a drake stat in weight only to take gems back. Or drop in a vault nearby and then L2 out wearing a tek suit and fly it back.
  6. Skiff and anky work well on abb. Take mushroom brews. If you have extinction, use the skiff and therizino on the blood red trees for red tree sap.
  7. Is this PS4? Hit Adam up @lilpanda on Twitter. Might have better luck. I think this will become more and more common as servers run out of resources. Same thing happened to us on our extinction. They know about it but it’s not fixed after 7 weeks.
  8. Given the progression of the gameplay becoming light years easier and easier, this is something that will likely happen. Maybe not in a replicator, but allowing tribes to craft and own a limited amount of terminals and making them painfully slow to craft would be similar to standing at a city terminal for hours waiting for the 1000 element to craft to dust.
  9. I’m on PS4 PVE and this exact thing is happening on our extinction server. Adam has said he’s aware and it’s on his radar. I’m guessing it’s just a server hardware issue.
  10. Try going into a boss fight on any map. It worked for me when I couldn’t do anything on any characters. Couldn’t unpod, access inventory, ride, or transfer.
  11. Same thing just happened to my tribemate a few hours ago. The 007 “Goldeneye” lost character move. He was level 144 with all missions to run alpha genesis. We know support won’t help to get back there, even with a char pic and the implant. WC really needs to allow us to duplicate our characters In the cloud or save them in the cloud Automatically Just prior to transfers.
  12. We’ve crafted around 400 so far. That’s five of us in tribe. I farmed 100 in 4 trips on a wyvern for the rep. The next goal was skiff. We got that yesterday and now we’re crafting it a bit faster. Idiots keep pulling the damn batteries though. So it’s a never ending battle. Plus we’ve had two charge stations built over by another tribe. Luckily a GM took care of it in a couple days, but it really slows you down. I hated the charge nodes on aberration. And hate them on crystal isles even more. Gems are insanely easy. Element ore is a medium chore being in the water. Gas balls are supe
  13. I think the devs course corrected too hard after the element debacle on Genesis. We were farming nearly 4k element in 30-35 minutes on genesis there for a while. Still just under half that is doable after the nerfs. Crystal Isles feels like a major troll by the devs. 4 shards from a 500 melee anky with imprint bonus. Or 4 shards from a pick. Ridiculous to be the same. And I agree that the batteries are a terrible solution. Add to that there are 11, count them 11, charge stations on Crystal Isles. So now you’re limited to crafting 33 element at a time (really it’s unlimited if you kee
  14. You need to go into a boss fight. I had this issue a while back and corrected it by started a genesis gamma controller fight. The port in corrected the issue. I had it on all characters. Couldn’t ride, access, or transfer servers. Go into a boss fight and it should resolve.
  15. My math (untested) says clearing all three pits where the magmasaurs are should yield 1800+ element on 2x (4x technically). That’s one run in under 30min with 3 people. One skiff, one anky rider and one giga rider. Anky has 1500 melee. Pretty OP if you ask me. We have nearly 50k element, so it’s pointless to run now.
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