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  1. its starting to seem like that is my best option at this point. i cant login to the game and i get no response from tickets or otherwise
  2. Join Failed could not retrieve address I have submitted multiple tickets as seen below only to have them "solved" within seconds and nothing be done. I have posted in multiple forums, posted tweets. i have done multiple requests. i have tried all the little fixes on the internet on reddit etc. swapping dns, swapping ip, uninstall and reinstall i have done it all and it let me back in for maybe a day after swapping ip one time but now i am locked out and swapping doesnt help at all. Will someone from the dev team or anyone please help me. genesis drops TOMORROW and i have already had to pu
  3. It wont let me post pictures because i can only upload .39kb? So this is literally all i can post at 1 time. But a reaper queen push our rockdrake under the mesh on the EU abberation crossplay server (there is only one) it had all of our chibis on it as well. Is our drake gone forever? Im sure the chibis are but that was our only drake at the time.
  4. Join failed could not retrieve address Post number 3 on the forums 4 tickets to wildcard, 2 or 3 to nitrado. Several tweets, several days later and no help. Nothing works, i cannot play the game. And thanks to this little issue im sure i wasted money on genesis too. I cannot get into any server. Uninstalling doesnt help, playing single player doesnt help, swapping dns doesnt work, nothing i find online is helping. Can someone please help me so i can play Ark or did i just waste all of my money on the new DLC. I have played this game for years now and i feel like nobody from WC or in general
  5. Thank you for even answering! But yes i have tried everything i have seen on recent posts. I have tried single player for a bit, swapping my IP, turning my pc off and leaving it, uninstalling it and reinstalling it, several other backdoor methods and i get the same message.
  6. Could bot retrieve address I have been trying to get help for a week now. Tickets go unanswered or I am told to go to another site and place one with no response. Genesis comes out soon and i have purchased all of the expansion and am worried that i wont be able to play it either. That out of the way. My problem is that every server i try to join i get a message "join failed" "Could not retrieve address" How do i fix this or how can i play again? Uninatalling is not the answer, playing in single player for a bit doesnt work. It worked fine a week ago but now i cannot play a
  7. i cannot log into any offical server. all i get is join failed could not retrieve address. all of my babies are likely dead at this point and im sure ill miss the event. submitted 3 tickets so far 2 here and 1 at some server site they told me to go to and both have just pawned me off on the other
  8. I am still login locked! How in the world do i fix this?!?! Im about ready to just qyit this game altogether ???
  9. On valguero EU crossplay Ark server 1168 there is a tree that spawned into my base. when it spawned the antimesh detected my base and deleted and entire section of it where the tree was. i killed the tree spawn but if it spawns again im worried ill lose more than just structures. i have screenshots but it is saying its too large to upload.
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