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  1. Join failed could not retrieve address Post number 3 on the forums 4 tickets to wildcard, 2 or 3 to nitrado. Several tweets, several days later and no help. Nothing works, i cannot play the game. And thanks to this little issue im sure i wasted money on genesis too. I cannot get into any server. Uninstalling doesnt help, playing single player doesnt help, swapping dns doesnt work, nothing i find online is helping. Can someone please help me so i can play Ark or did i just waste all of my money on the new DLC. I have played this game for years now and i feel like nobody from WC or in general cares if i am able to play any more.
  2. Thank you for even answering! But yes i have tried everything i have seen on recent posts. I have tried single player for a bit, swapping my IP, turning my pc off and leaving it, uninstalling it and reinstalling it, several other backdoor methods and i get the same message.
  3. Could bot retrieve address I have been trying to get help for a week now. Tickets go unanswered or I am told to go to another site and place one with no response. Genesis comes out soon and i have purchased all of the expansion and am worried that i wont be able to play it either. That out of the way. My problem is that every server i try to join i get a message "join failed" "Could not retrieve address" How do i fix this or how can i play again? Uninatalling is not the answer, playing in single player for a bit doesnt work. It worked fine a week ago but now i cannot play at all!!!! Any help would be appreciated as i am just getting ran around with nobody really caring.
  4. i cannot log into any offical server. all i get is join failed could not retrieve address. all of my babies are likely dead at this point and im sure ill miss the event. submitted 3 tickets so far 2 here and 1 at some server site they told me to go to and both have just pawned me off on the other
  5. I am still login locked! How in the world do i fix this?!?! Im about ready to just qyit this game altogether
  6. On valguero EU crossplay Ark server 1168 there is a tree that spawned into my base. when it spawned the antimesh detected my base and deleted and entire section of it where the tree was. i killed the tree spawn but if it spawns again im worried ill lose more than just structures. i have screenshots but it is saying its too large to upload.
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