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  1. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Base_Creature_Speeds This lists the base and sprint speed for all creatures in Ark. It doesn't take into account things like diving on griffins and snow owls, though.
  2. Frankly, that's a bad reason with it being as glitchy as it is, and how many things its destroying when it shouldn't. A better policy would be to only restore tames if you provide a post in the anti-meshing false positives thread, so that the community can help iron out the bugs and not feel bitter towards the studio. Or just looking at cases with a little more discretion. It seems pretty clear to me that a PvE player who had their tame destroyed but not themselves wasn't meshing, otherwise the player would have been destroyed too... @Cedric I'm sure you've noticed how many upset peo
  3. In my support ticket about this, the GM said to send an email to info@studiowildcard.com. Maybe that's a black hole, but maybe not. If enough people send emails about false positives, maybe they'll listen.
  4. If somebody is playing PvE, I don't think that's as valid a point as it would be for PvP. But regardless, until they iron out all of the kinks with the anti-meshing system, they should have a more lenient policy. Look at the false positives thread. That's a lot of folks losing stuff that they shouldn't be losing. Now imagine how many people don't know about this forum or aren't bothering to post. There's too many false positives happening from this new system for the "we can't know for sure" argument to hold water.
  5. In my support ticket about a rock drake being deleted by the anti-meshing system, while I was fighting a crab on aberration, I was told the following: The developers have told support not to restore anything destroyed by the anti-meshing system The developers have told support not to escalate/appeal this policy for PvE instances That implies a couple of things: It was a policy choice to not restore things being falsely destroyed -- they can, but won't, make it right when the new system messes up. And the fact that it happens to PvE players for which the meshing wasn't originall
  6. Hi Cedric, I want to report a false positive that happened for me today, that lead to my rock drake "Mirage" being destroyed by the anti-meshing system. NA-PVE-Official-Aberration269 Coordinates: 28.5 48.2 (roughly) I was fighting an alpha crab, when my drake suddenly disappeard. The tribe log says that it was destroyed by the anit-meshing system. I have attached a screen shot of the tribe log. While I play PVE and think meshing is less of an issue here, I am happy the Wildcard team has made an attempt to stop meshing. However losing my fav drake really sucks. Hopefu
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