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  1. Hahaha yes that was my stance also.. I'll take your word for it. Thanks Guys
  2. Hi, Sorry this is official servers, The reason I ask is if you have two survivors ready to download how does it distinguish between the two accounts, or better yet how does the user (myself) choose which account to download to which server. appreciate your response Thank you
  3. Multiple survivor transfers Hi, Could someone tell me what the outcome would be if I had two or more survivors in the cloud on multiplayer, for example I transfer one account from a server I then transfer a second account from another sever , at this point both survivors are waiting 15mins for a transfer... So 15mins are up both are ready to download, I then want to go to sever 1 with survivor 2 and sever 2 with survivor 1. When I click download survivor will it give me the option of which survivor to download? Appreciate your time. Thank You
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