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  1. No Deinonychus eggs/nests, No Fire Wyverns, No Ice Wyvern eggs/nests Hello! I've tried looking online to see if perhaps anyone had any particular suggestions or similar issues but it seems no one is experiencing quite the same thing/has posted about it. I play a nondedictard server as the host and I see PLENTY of both the Deinonychus and the Ice Wyverns--however, I do not see ANY nests, whatsoever, and therein no eggs (and yes, where the nests are suppose to be and everything at White Cliff). There is also no Fire Wyverns upon further investigation at the scar. I have 'Destroyedwilddinos' probably 4 or so times now and it hasn't helped a thing. I was hoping someone had a better suggestion or explanation as to why this is happening? Do I just need to keep spamming 'dwd' until it maybe fixes it? I want some Deino babiesss. Note: I do not have any mods or anything like that. Just good ole basic Ark. T: Nothing needs to be updated. I'm lost.
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