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  1. Folder for my fan imagined creatures, maps, and engrams.
  2. I've had to unclaim my Daeodon after using the healing ability briefely, but for some reason he didn't stop rapid consuming food and won't gain any on his own. He's starving to death without reverse.
  3. How do you post fan art? Can I do it here or somewhere else?
  4. Nice job. I made my own dossier for this. But I have to say my version is kind of unrealistically overpowered. I had a lot of ideas running through my head. https://www.deviantart.com/sachinamateurartist/art/ARK-Fan-Dossier-Gorgosaurus-glacies-847323991
  5. How do you go into third person? I just started playing PC Epicgames ARK and I tried every key on the board to go into third person but nothing works. K is just third person viewing, it doesn't allow me to steer. I've never played ARK on first person and it's incredibly difficult. Since nobody else online is helpful I came here.
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