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  1. Hi possible patch bug cryo pls ...... again the bug in speak french cryo not possible look stat and sexe possible patch it thanks you
  2. ok very thanks dude thx for you're time i go breeding lvl 361 lol
  3. hi thx for reponse really this problem is hard humm max lvl 450 adult or baby ? or its possible upm 380 to 449 and stop lvl if possible do not disapear ? very sorry my english is very bad
  4. Hi ! Baby block at lvl 448 ? Hello We have a major problem with dinosaurs rex indeed it is born lvl 448 baby 34 k hp 1806 stam and 1347% ap no worries but once adult it disappear ......Is there a level server limit? stat? we have problem with egg too many egg is finish and ... no baby .... it's normally? Thank you for teaching us an answer whether to down or not Cordially sorry my english is bad
  5. result.... diconnected by battleyes @ 7.30 min of game and you need buy dlc ???? but for this service instable it's not possible....
  6. and i dont speak dino lost after maj or disconnected + 10 rex vanished .....i regular but not normally fix you're game or return at school dev
  7. and my older post is vansi dev delete? because no solution i repost for this ! in 1 month this bug x 3 ......
  8. again theIsland 43 is again bugged ? again today 43 island pve is in pvp srsly go fix bug battleeyes vanished... today
  9. many many lag and crashdown on servers in germany many many
  10. no reponse of wildcard srsly you(re game is broken today again 2 rex 400+ vanished after down servers
  11. again theIsland 43 is again bugged ? my serv the 43 official island is again bugged battle eyes removed non official and its a pve official but 2 time this mounth is pvp go repair you're server wildcard or buy antimod or antivirus lol ... or real developper is a option too ....
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