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  1. Oh well it tried everything u told me to do and it seems it didn’t actually work so I unistalled ark and reinstalled then put all the backup files in to the ark and it has seemed to not work either. Thank you for trying to help though
  2. It’s fine thank you for the help, most likely I’ll just command xp my character so he can get to the level I was at before.
  3. Thanks for the reply man, would I just move the local player file in to the local player folder and do I just move the island.ark to my desktop and rename the ark02.02.2020 to the island.ark
  4. Base, Dino and character gone I play ark pretty regularly and one time my whole arm was gone and it spawned me at the menu to create a character I forgot about the world and just started a fresh. Then it happened again loading on ark today, I’ve looked through my game files and it has all the files for when the last time I played and all the backup files. Can someone help me in what I need to do to have these files actually work.
  5. Hey man just went through all my files and got nothing thanks for all the help though I’m just going to restart a fresh and cheat my way through.
  6. Yes I will get started tomorrow as soon as I can. Just wondering what exact keyword would I be using, just wanting to make sure so I don’t look for the wrong file.
  7. Yes I do have multiple steam libraries this is due to ark being a large file so I downloaded it on to my hard drive whilst my other library is on my ssd. But no other from looking at that folder to see the ark files no I haven’t deleted or changed anything from the photo.
  8. Hey man thanks for all the input much appreciated, I will send you files of photos I have took of what’s in my folder (saved arkslocal) I’m not sure if it’s a problem if it didn’t have the island on the folder name but I’m sure it’s fine because that’s the only server I play on. Also as for the player I’ve looked up videos and tutorials on how to recover it but none of them have seemed to work. So hopefully these images will give you enough information on what problem we are dealing with. Thanks again for the support
  9. Lost World and Character I was getting ready to hop on ark today and I found out that my character was lost and that when I went to find my base show map player location didn’t work when I normally had it on so then I when the the main menu and I found out that all my settings were set to default (This is for a non dedicated server btw). Then when I went to my main base all my dinos and constructions were gone even though in the menu is says I have saved content. Does anyone know how to fix this issue and recover my long hours of progress.
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