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  1. This game is currently broken. Two exploits are ruining it. 1) Cheaters are running programs with scripts that enable them to locate hidden chests / vaults anywhere on the map. They then destroy and take contents including Tames implants. 2) They then transfer out (to another server) with implants, which effectively kills all your tames. Then transfer back in. This is an exploit too which is ruining the game. Please can you fix the game to stop people running script programmes. Secondly surely you can change the game so that stolen implants cant be transferred out with?
  2. Build blocking on PVXC ruining the Game Hi guys Been loving this game on mobile and playing on for over a year now. Enjoying PVP then switched to PVX. The idea of staying mobile and moving a raft base to keep it safe in PVE zone, while getting resources to build a permanent base later was was great. I am Level 80 small / solo tribe, seen much of the game and this seemed a tactic to defend against bigger tribes. Recent events have been terrible. Alpha tribes have been build blocking around bases in PVE. Plus building Pens around rafts in PVE. This tactic is undefendable, as in PVE I
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