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  1. Did my server get deleted!? After update all the servers came back up and mine is still down. Anyone having this issue? Xbox one official pvp.
  2. I’m blaming the game for kicking my tribe mate out the fight leading to my pigs death. The slightest heals would of made the fight work.. the boss was almost dead
  3. I feel my problem was the whistling. I couldn’t get them to attack for the first few seconds of fight and they didn’t have yuttie buff for a short duration of the beginning fight (about 25-30 seconds) I was too distracted by my bro getting the boot and losing the pig. I was spamming attack target on Broodmother and it wasn’t working for a bit. When they were all up the damage was insane but once about 2 fell that was it...
  4. I had rexs In There with over 100% saddles master craft
  5. Alpha Broodmother made me quit Ark completely! After a long journey of setting up for alpha Broodmother with my bro, I have finally decided to call it quits. Ark is a great game but the bugs and glitches ruin it for me. So what happened that made me quit? Here’s my story... it’s been a few months since I started playing this game. Me and my bro are still fairly new. After a long grind we managed to come up with 18 rexs all over 1k melee and a yuttie and a pig for healing. This was a process that took up most the time I’ve been playing this game... so the time finally came la
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