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  1. Quick question, so when Ragnarok comes to Xbox, will we be able to transfer things into a server day 1? Like tek structures ? If so, these servers are going to die so very fast
  2. So I just hatched a 340 ptera egg, everything is going fine, stats are great, level too, and just finished raising it, perfect, now in upload it using a transmitter back to my main server... it drops down to level 290...? Stats are destroyed, what the actual Duck!? I'm done, 0% feedback from the devs at all over any of my issues of DDossers or Dupers either, 0% care. Ducking ridiculous.
  3. Ok so the new UI crashed my game so badly that it refuses to load anymore, my ark is stuck in the Start screen and I've got to get on or my 15 brontos being raised will bloody die!, this happen to anyone else ?
  4. Its got me pretty vexed tbh lol they were lvl300 now they're 270s and 80s, I've put months of my life into breeding them so you can understand why.
  5. so on my Xbox version I just lost 30 levels on my Ptera this didn't happen on my PC version soooo.....
  6. Ever since the last update I've been lagging out every time an explosion happens, or frame rate pics up even a tiny bit, I'm sick of it I've lost so much stuff in raids now
  7. I agree some sorta nerf was needed but imo they should have thought some things through like wyvern eggs and metal farming
  8. Yeah I know, the 'numbers' will change, but what do you feel they should do ? Or are you happy with it ?
  9. Why are you so sour ?, people are giving their opinion on here and you trying to belittle them with 'you poor silly baby' and 'chicken little' just makes you sound like an ass, can I have a genuine conversation with you about the nerf, how do you think the entire pve population feel about this pvp themed nerf? Real question, not trying to challenge you.
  10. Anyone think there's any point in even conveying our issues? it's just too much to deal with now, lagging out every half hour is bad enough *still not being improved* now this nerf that looks like it's staying, I'm done until it's fixed to be honest. Battlegrounds for me I think!
  11. WHY, this flyer nerf is WAY too far devs, c'mon, I play on official it's hard enough to grind without spending 15+hrs to get the resources for a few pieces of tek, and now the little comfort I did have * that 30% weight on quetzals with an anky and the swiftness of my quetz to volcano and back* you decide to take away from me?! REALLY?! We don't have years to grind for these things and it's long enough and now you make it HARDER? Oh also that's fun, no regaining stam on the back of a quetz and a 10 second wait to actually regain the stam when I do land, yeah that's the first priority to fix eh
  12. When are the new center servers being released???? Anyone know ?? ( I mean the others,not the 40 we have now)
  13. Hmm Strange, Almost as if they aren't actually supporting 100 people... Lol
  14. If a community leader could answer my previous question when possible I'd really appreciate it thanks
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