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  1. 21 hours ago, IanHighlander said:





    Thank you first Can only wait for wildcards to fix, but don't know how long to wait

  2. 39 minutes ago, GrumpyBear said:


    The official is absolutely aware of this, and can even be said to have done so intentionally. But it has not been resolved. I play this game by myself, and I am really disappointed now, because there are so many things I can't learn. It also made me understand their inaction. Please understand if there is something wrong with Google Translate

  3. Help forgotten soup problem

    Hello everyone, I don't speak English, so I use Google Translate. There may be places where expression is not in place. Please forgive me.
    I would like to ask how to solve this forgotten soup 1242 days cooling CD. I have tried all servers, including Genesis. Both show this CD. I have no skill points and need to unlock the imprint. Otherwise, many things cannot be learned in Genesis. I really feel bad. Is there any friend who knows the solution.


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