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  1. You can play fresh on a multiplayer server and your single player progress will be intact as it pauses when you leave playing and you can continue playing later from where you left however if you want to keep a backup of your current single player progress you can keep a local backup there're 3 slots for keeping local backup or you can cloud save your single player data to either to iCloud if you're on iOS or to Google play account if you're on Android to recover it later that way you won't have to worry about losing your single player progress even if you change/switch your device or factory reset it. To keep a local backup or cloud save your single player progress, while in single player game open player's inventory and then go to setting (4th gear icon on top left hand side) then under "Extras" in left hand side you'll have "Manual Save" and "Tidy Save"(tidy save removes extra game data like wild dino locations to reduce save size for cloud backup) options you can click on either one of those then it'll give you prompt "Save Complete" then leave Ark which will take you to main launch screen and then click on "Play Ark" » "Manage Save Data" then save your current save to one of the 3 slots for local backup or iCloud Data/Cloud Data slot for cloud backup.
  2. Tips and tricks for Single Player using God Console Here I'm giving few tips and tricks on single player mode using God Console »〉 Taming: To tame a high level dino faster you can use this method without using any soothing balm: 1. After knocking out dino put some biotoxins(200-300 to be safe) in it's inventory and forcefeed it that will keep it's torpor level keep increasing until it's got tamed then after that put food in Dino's inventory and start leveling up dino using "level up target" from God Console if you need a dino with decent high level not that 1-2k+ levels , when you're leveling up it'll make it's food points level higher which will make it eat quicker than usual giving you faster taming time so check if it's taming quickly or not then you can add few more levels if it's slower or if you want a dino with 1-2k+ levels then after forcefeeding biotoxins start leveling up to your desired level then put food in it's inventory. (Don't level up dino without feeding biotoxins else it'll wake up) 2. If you're taming a dino with high torpor drop rate like Giga then decrease the game speed to 25% and add extra biotoxins to Dino's inventory and keep checking when torpor value starts to decrease instead of increase from your last forcefeeded biotoxins then forcefeed it some more that way you'll have total control over it's torpor level if you are on normal speed at 100% you'll not get enough time to check and force feed to maintain it's torpor level until it's tamed. »〉 Armor and Aerial Symbiote , Frog Feet: You can actually repair or heal your armor especially Tek Armor which needs elements for repair and Aerial Symbiote/frog feet without need of searching for that rare resource to repair just put on the damaged armor or aerial symbiote/frog feet (it doesn't work on broken items as you can't put them on once it's broken) then use "Heal All" from God Console it'll heal your armor and aerial Symbiote/frog feet. It comes handy if you're doing caves or dungeons you don't need to waste your time to find those neura husk to repair or elements for repairing Tek Armor just swap your armors before it's broken so you can heal it after you finished dungeon/cave. That's all for now if you have some more tips then add it below, it'll be helpful for those who don't know about it yet.
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