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  1. Love the new chibis! Will the rest be available as well or just the one’s listed here?
  2. Map is going to be screwed over like the rest of the sponsored mod maps. Why must you ruin a good thing?
  3. So you would rather have a modder create the next ARK DLC? Most of them seem to do a better job than the devs themselves...
  4. Genesis: Failure or Success? I would love to know your thoughts on whether Genesis is a complete failure or a Success! In my opinion the idea itself SOUNDS good but in reality some parts don’t land like I wanted. Yet again Wildcard succeeds in landing just short of community expectations. I waited months for a buggy mess (i’m looking at you Ferox). Maybe we just can’t count on Wildcard giving us the experience like mod developers can. I feel like we are scraping the bottom of the DLC barrel here (honestly the most creative DLC in my opinion was aberration and I just want that feeling of expl
  5. Instead of nerfing mounts why don’t you guys work on other anti-trolling measures...
  6. Which server is this, so I know to steer clear of that mess? As if ARK wasn’t hard enough...
  7. YES FINALLY!!!! SO HYPED ABOUT CRYSTAL ISLES!!!! How much does anyone want to bet that it’ll release in the summer?
  8. Try re-downloading it, yes I know it took forever but you want your pet right?
  9. Shut up and stop complaining about your “blue screen” issues Genesis is more important than your stupid little problem...
  10. We should in the meantime ask former meshers to help in taking out meshers... It takes one to know one, ya know?
  11. Maybe we’ll be too distracted by chibis to worry about Genesis releasing next month... Genesis better be worth the wait and not a giant element-farm disappointment like Extinction was. I am not surprised by the delay considering how completely new game mechanics like missions and etc are being added. Plus their working on anti-meshing systems as well as Genesis.
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