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  1. Wish I could heart every ones posts, but Im still early bird here so I can't yet. I can't believe more people are not kicking off about this. A que is not a radical idea.
  2. Genesis: Server Full Please address PC Gen Server Full issue.. Enjoying new content immensely other than not being able to play it.
  3. Honestly. The harass animals I normally do not mind, but there is simply nothing fun about getting blue spammed that I am targeted and then have to deal with that every single time I leave base. There is Nothing fun about the swarms. Nothing. Just remove.
  4. With over 400+ posts figured you'd know, but because I am still Early Bird status I don't even have the option to react to posts.
  5. I came to reply and say basically what St1ckyBandit just said. The changes some of these will bring is pretty big and I will spend a lot of time just playing with turtles. I am way more worried about testing resources and how the servers will behave than I am the amount of raw numbers for new dinos. Let's wait till it's out to start the bish fest ey?
  6. My issue is more that it wasn't safe to leave my base because of the constant roll backs and crashing. I wouldn't say I was thrilled to fish, but Id have done more of it if the server was stable enough. I agree with previous poster, all the coel should have been event eligible, or at least more than 1 or 2 per school of coel.
  7. Its an old issue, if you fly around you'll probably find eggs in the air, or dropped in the scar. Basically players collect egg, not happy with lvl, too lazy or ignorant to eat the egg. The nest won't respawn egg until it's destroyed.
  8. Official NA Island 46 experiencing same. We all expected extras lag and rubber banding over event time but was several DCs yesterday with multiple rollbacks. Lots of dinos and imprints gone or messed up. Today has been better but it just went down again.
  9. YES Please, this. It is tedious and annoying to be shuffling gas constantly while moving crafting mats back and forth quickly.
  10. It's a myth, there are lots of Ark myths. Unis are always white, and being near eggs wont effect any possible stat mutation.
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