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  1. I have the same problem right now, but I think the problem was found, its the number 1. For example open your command bar, type in the number 1 and press start, you'll see that it will desappear. Now, do the same thing with the number 2, you'll see that it wont go away. Now what you can do, is replace the number 1. Like so, cheat gfi ChitinPaste 1 1 0 Become cheat gfi ChitinPaste 2 2 0 And you'll have your cementing paste 'As example'
  2. Same thing for me, some of them work sometimes. Than i log off, come back an other time, came across the glitch a could not fix before, and now I can.. Wish to have more help myself about that haha!
  3. Same here for every tracking mission. I also wish that we could se better the 'track' . Just trying to see the path its a nightmare right now
  4. Same for me, as soon as im done writing the command with a number at the end and i press the 'start' button it just dessapear from the bar before i had the chance to press the 'admin command' button.
  5. Genesis 'tracking' missions are broken. Hello, so I have this problem on Xbox one 'solo' every 'tracking' mission i've tried to do so far I had to quit because the track just stop at some point. Dont tell me ' its because you probably skip a path on the way, they need to be all green to proceed otherwise the boss wont show up' I have try to remake each mission more than 3 times , using the command 'fly' without skipping a single one, going back and forth 4 or 5 times. Cheaper by the pack stock a 133 tracks Spy Vs Spino stock at 145 tracks Swamp placid stock at 87 tracks
  6. Man I posted about that too, same problem over here.. Can you check if it's like me, It seem like i only have drop on The island. But on Scorched Earth - Valguero - Ragnarok The center - and Aberration I have nothing at all. I'll follow your post if someone have i ideal how to fix it ..
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