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  1. Everything seems to be in order. Thank you. @lilpanda
  2. After the maintenance the servers worked perfectly. Transfers of tames and items worked....then 4 hours ago there was a rollback. Roughly 12ish hours it rolled back. After the rollback transfers stopped working again. So now we are back to square 1 of the transfers being broke. @lilpanda
  3. Thank you for a quick response back. We look forward to having the server fixed and any downtime it will take to fix the issue. @lilpanda
  4. I've gone 19 days without a bump. Server is still broke and doesn't allow any transfers or any type to or from this server. Now with the Fear Evolved 3 Event not only is this server STILL broke, but there are no Fear Evolved Themed dinos... @lilpanda LilPanda you have responded to this server twice and we all see how active you are on the forums and twitter. An Outage report has been submitted yet there has been no progress Since May that we know of...That is 5 (five) months that this server has been broke with Zero time dedicated to actually trying to figure out what the problem is. How hard is it to just put our server on the maintenance list so it can be fixed properly instead of constantly having to harass you to actually do something. Here is the error code we all get when trying to transfer: Downloading transferred character Failed. 007 - Failed while downloading transferred character with code: 200 and Msg: RefCode:1-0 @lilpanda @Cedric @StudioWildcard @Jeremy Stieglitz
  5. Can still confirm that nobody is able to transfer. @lilpanda @StudioWildcard The server needs to be added to the maintenance list. At one point in time the server worked fine, there are a few managarmr and snow owls on other maps. Whatever happened 4 months ago broke the settings.
  6. Bump. @lilpanda @StudioWildcard
  7. Bumping. Still hasn't been fixed. @lilpanda @Cedric
  8. Bumping. Server is still not allowing transfers. @lilpanda @StudioWildcard @Cedric
  9. Any update yet? @lilpanda
  10. Tried transferring to 4 different servers and still not working. Tried to transfer to an Abberation, Valguero, Island and Scorched server, it still only gives us the option to create a new survivor and not download a server. @lilpanda
  11. Bumping Post until server gets fixed. Outage report has already been completed. Only megatribe servers get fixed and not ours? @lilpanda @Cedric
  12. @lilpanda @invincibleqc Outage report has been completed. Is there an estimated time frame on getting it checked out?
  13. Would like this to be addressed. @Jatheish @Jeremy Stieglitz @Cedric @StudioWildcard
  14. 3 months later and it's still locked! Please fix this locked server! Crossplay 962 Extinction. @Jeremy Stieglitz @StudioWildcard@Cedric @Jatheish
  15. Xbox Crossplay Transferring Issues My tribe is playing on Xbox Official Crossplay PvP Extinction 962. We want to transfer to Rag or Center but when any of us try it doesn’t bring out character, it wants us to create a new one. If we log back into 962 our character has to be redownloaded from the cloud. Other tribes state that they can transfer. Anyone have any ideas or is something closed that we aren’t able to leave Extinction. @Jatheish @Cedric @StudioWildcard @Jeremy Stieglitz
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