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  1. Hello everyone genesis part 2 server 990 crash every 20 minutes and need other 20 to be on line . Really impossible play ,tame, breeding , mission. 5 gb of patch today for what? i don't know all other servers how are going but here it's really a bad time to play.
  2. hello everyone we play on genesis part 2 990 server we have crash every 30 minutes and always hard lag , server need about 10 minutes to come back on line and all time skiff are bugged , ppls die or lost drops from loot . how we can have fun to play? the very sad thing is we pay this game we spent many hours to play, build , tame and we lost everythings all time. pls do something don't joke with our money it's not a free game.
  3. this will fix the problem? i have my server is 924 i play there and i have my char there i work and build a base now i have to go to a new one?
  4. all know that but no one do something for us my friend , maybe chinese are most important then us .
  5. all day for me im trying since this morning to join the 924
  6. We spent some money to watch the screen of a PC with SERVER FULL written on it but really? This time you have outdone yourself. Stupid us who still buy your products.
  7. Hello there again crash lag and many issues on game? Everyday this game test my patience so hard xd. We do report we try to help we try to be good player but who help us?
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