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  1. More and more of our tribe are getting fatal errors (Rag terminal) and can no longer log into Rag at all. Is there any more information on this? Thanks
  2. Shared Tribe XP Broken? Anyone else have issues? As a tribe we would level mounts (and new members) via shared tribe xp, however this is no longer possible. Anyone else have this issue? I have gotten zero response from the devs about this and want to know if it is just us. Previously we would get the xp from killing dinos with weapons while mounted, even being mounted near a tribe member crafting would share xp. Now, nothing. Would love some advice. Thanks Map - Rag, Unofficial PVP (modded)
  3. Is anyone else experiencing a complete lack of XP from killing dinos with weapons whilst mounted? We used to get significant XP killing dinos whislt mounted, especially via shared tribe experience. We would also get experience mounted whilst the tribe crafted. Now, nothing! It was a great way to level our fresh breeds/tames. Now we get ZERO shared tribe experience. I would like to know if anyone else has notice the change in XP. There has been no official response to this change. We are on a modded, PVP server (unofficial) Thanks
  4. No Tribe Share XP from any kills with weapons We are getting zero experience when killing any animal with a weapon whilst mounted (we have tested general dinos and wyverns). We only get a small amount of xp if the tamed dino kills a wild dino. We are a modded pvp server, Rag map. Has this bug been noted previously? Is this due to Chibi xp coding? Thanks
  5. Out of Control Wyvern Overspawn on Modded Server (Rag) Hi I play on a modded PVP server (Elysian, Rag map). Since mid-December the wyverns (all types) have been spawning in incredible numbers, largely over the snow biomes. The snow biomes are now virtually unplayable. Classic flyers have pointed out that this is not an issue with their mod as they have made no changes to wyvern coding etc. Please let us know how we can address this. I have seen other recent posts so we are not the only ones having this issue. We patch regularly, and dino wipe every other day to try and manage it. These numbers are also affecting our servers stability due to the sheer number of them (there are literally hundreds every day). The photo below is just one small cluster of them in one area. They are across the snow map. Many thanks
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