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  1. lucasss hi!! remember me?

    1. Lucas0202


      a... sorry ;-;

    2. Lucas0202


      i dont want to lose my stuff on legacy ;-;

  2. someone could help me on the island map OFFICIAL? i just want to lvl up, im from legacy rag I just want Help to lvl up my char lvl 1
  3. i died offline INSIDE my base and lose my chibi magmasaur AGAIN. Nothing kill me i just DIED Love this bugs
  4. My basilisc killed me underground (Full oxygen)
  5. hope is the last to die my friend :v
  6. And the transfer from the legacy PVE server to official?
  7. how much do you want to enable the transfer from legacy ***PVE*** server to official server ? :v
  8. why don't you upgrade some legacy servers to official servers? it is a lack of consideration for people who have played ark for a long time or ended up on a legacy server without knowing . Release the transfer of legacy *PVE* servers to official, nobody will lose anything, only the wildcard itself will lose the old players.
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