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  1. Im hosting through my PC and as i said it takes some trys to find the server in the steam server search list. In ark itself it wont show up but thats fine cause im only playing with my friend on the server. Its not always on so i restart the server every day
  2. Cant get dedicated Server to show up on the Server list Hello, I run a dedicated ark server on my PC and its not always online. Only me and my friend play on the server. My problem is the Server is not always showing up. Sometimes it works after 1 minute and sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes. We tried doing it 5 times, checking local files, checking ports, checking firewall protection, restarting server and the Computer and tried joining over IP. I hope that someone could help me because its just annoying to wait like 30 minutes. I never found a solution on Google and
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