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  1. XBOX SP VAL: STILL NO WYVERNS?!? Are these developers for real?? I haven't played in months because of the bullpoop lack of everything from beacon drops, loot spawns, artifacts, wyvern eggs, and the wyverns themselves only to find that there's still no wyverns? All I got was a tremendous update only to check and see that little to nothing has improved. Is anyone else still having these problems? Did I miss something??
  2. I'm playing sp non ded on Xbox and I'm not the only one with the problem, asshat.
  3. Dude I'm playing single player non ded on Xbox... I'm not the only one with this problem...
  4. @Cedric YOUR GAME HAS BEEN BROKEN FOR 2 F&#$ING MONTHS!! No drops, no beacons, no wyverns, NO REASON TO PLAY! FIX IT YOU DOUCHEBAGS! Absolutely disgusted with the way you treat Xbox players. #WASTEOFMONEY And to hell with this Valentine's event, you're not getting any love from me!
  5. WHEN WILL XBOX VERSION BE FIXED?!? This game is seriously garbage right now, no drops, no beacons, no artifacts, no wyverns! It's been over a month and no acknowledgement??? What a waste of money...
  6. Still no beacons, drops or wyverns spawning on valguero... This is ridiculous.
  7. I'm playing single player on Xbox and haven't had any beacons, drops or wyverns spawn in days... Anyone else? Was hoping today's update would fix but no such luck ?
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