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  1. Maybe you ignored my entire comment but I will make things clear; I stood awake an entire night waiting for something that never happend, I tried their codes and nothing worked. That's one of the tons of problems and frustration that I had with this game, I've been searching for solutions for problems that they should fix in a long time. Good example is, my bionic skins that I bought don't show up anymore, and I paid for them. They should sell it for someone who really cares about doing things functional.
  2. I've been playing on my own server for a few months, I host it from my xbox and play on PC with some friends. Today we wanted to go to another map, but when we got to the obelisk it says we cannot upload survivor, instead we only have an option to "transfer to cluster server" something like that. I've been searching for a couple of hours and can't find a way. Is it possible to upload my character, even if it is with a command? Also, I tried to loggin with my host profile on PC but my server are not there, why is this? when I logged back on xbox it tried to syncronize but I canceled it cau
  3. I run a server from xbox one and play on windows 10 with some friends. The event didn't trigger, so I thought I could just activate it manualy from the game menu, but it doesn't work, I tried hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways. For what I read, single player/unofficial do not have this event, but we were supposed to be able to activate it, but we just cannot, because it looks like thats only possible on steam/epic version. I can't express with words how frustrated I am, how much time I lost for nothing, the whole week waiting for this, a good time with friends turned into a nigh
  4. Acctually I maneged to "fix" it. First I had to reinstall the game. And, this might sound dumb, but I had to exit profile on xbox console companion on PC, then close the program, open it again, login, quit, open again, then I can join my server. Now I'm not having any problems while trying to join. Also if I change my profile on xbox console companion, I have to repeat the same process I said before, otherwise the game get on a eternal black screen, or even starts to load, but then gets a completely blue screen and crashes. I don't know what xbox console companion has to do with it, but I do n
  5. I've been trying to die and make multiple alterations on the game and in some PC configurations. Like the annoying wyvern bug that happend last year, there's nothing I could do to make the skins spawn on my inventory if not for codes. Wild Card should do something about it, but they only seem to care about money. Ark 2 is the proof of it, they didn't even finished the first game (which is completely bugged), and are already making a sequence.
  6. Same to me, been trying multiple things to make them appear, but looks like it's all on Wild Card's hands, but they don't seem to give a f**k about it
  7. Same happend to me, had to reinstall my game and now it's working
  8. Is anybody able to play this on windows 10 or xbox? on xbox the menu is okay, but once in the game it looks like there is no event at all. On windows 10 I can't join my server hosted from the xbox neither play solo.
  9. I just updated the game on xbox and everything is working fine. But on PC Windows 10 I can't run the game, if I stay more than 15 seconds on the menu it freezes and I cannot click on any option, also if I minimize the game I can't go back to menu without crashing it. If I'm fast or click to join my dedicated server from xbox I can start to load the game, but eventhough the game freezes once more on the PrimalGameData and I have to crash it again. Can't play solo nor dedicated. It is happening for you as well? PS: Music works fine, congratulations Wild Card.
  10. Windows 10 SP not saving progress Hello friends, So a friend of mine plays Ark on PC, Windows 10 version. And for some reason his game doesn't save in single player. He quits and when he's back he is exactly where he started playing. We tried commands to save but nothing worked, I tried to play his save on my xbox and it runs and saves with no trouble. But if he starts the game back on PC or I delete the console save it comes back to the very same point it was before. He deleted all progress and started over, but the problem persists. He even lost some gear and dinos I took for him. He
  11. Same problems here since last month, no wyverns, no eggs, no supply drops and no artifacts. I tried everything I could for days until I realized the devs broke the game themselves. I still asking myself what are the devs doing to miss a so annoying and desastrous bug
  12. Same problems here, tried everything I could. I don't understand how anyone from the support is not aware of this issues.
  13. Same issues here, no wyverns on ragnarok. No wyvern eggs or supply drops on scorched earth. SP is broken and Wild card ain't moving a finger, honestly they are playing the clowns releasing genesis without even fix what's already there. In the last weeks this game is being a disappointment, more stress and lost time than fun.
  14. Is such a shame that a great game like this has come to this point. Thanks for the feedback, let's hope they do something about that. Unfortunately I will have to leave the ark, never thought I was going to say that, but this game is unplayable.
  15. Yes man, i've been having the same problem. I completed some caves and thought they were just supposed to not have an artifact, but after reading some forums looks like thats another annoying bug.
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