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  1. Hoping Genesis is worth the wait!! ...Meanwhile, I still haven't played on Ab or Extinction. ._.;
  2. PvP I didn't see a PvP specific forum..if there is, please let me know and I'll repost. Anyone willing to take me under their wing? I'm pretty crap at PvP but, I would kinda like to learn. However, I'd really like to find a place that is a community, no harm, no foul kinda thing. Just fun. Yanno? I'm not really looking to make it super serious as I can't handle that kind of drama. e.e
  3. Apparently, I've joined the club.
  4. Pretty sure it was a Raptor, before they had the pin move. It was so long ago, I'm not honestly 100% lol.
  5. Wyverns are cool too, but their turn radius is... awful. lol Quetz are nice. I don't honestly use them all that much, maybe I'll make it a point to, this time.
  6. Unfortunately, I play SP. I'm doing the same but I was tired of having to take a break and everything despawned. Good luck in your search!!
  7. I really enjoyed the old kibble system. Now, all you have to raise is 1 type of dino. There's no creativity. Yea it's simpler, but I enjoy the grind of things.
  8. Hiya Guys! Hey, I'm Kitty and I've been playing ARK since almost the very beginning. I'm from the southern US and I have 6 cats and 2 dogs. We rescue cats a lot. And my mom can't say no to kittens lol. I have a very wonderful gf, who has played with me before, but I don't think it was her thing lol. She's from Scotland. Anyways! HII! Uh.. Idk my fave dino is a parasaur. (because they are cute) for Utility, I prefer Birbs. (Argents)
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