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  1. This was actually a mechanic I suggested back in like April or May of last year, and not to say I’m surprised they added it (it’s a mechanic I’m surprised WC didn’t add to Ark 1 already) but the dino bones and metals example was just the one I used back then. You’re probably completely right and it’ll likely be much more different than I said.
  2. SInce Santiago was a part of the Element-fueled Earth and he also fought in the Tek War, I'm assuming it's not a lack of intelligence, but self-control. After hundreds of years of corruption on Earth; I'm assuming the lack of tek is from the survivors not wanting to repeat history. I do agree that the pods and the ring should be incorporated into the game as resource drops, or since they added the structure template and BP mechanic that I suggested, they could probably use the Colony Ring as a main hub for information for that sharing. And when you spawn in, you drop down in another pod and have a chance to grab some miscellaneous items or the skins that you spawn with in Ark 1. Ark 2 should be more primitively designed, but it should compensate for the lack of forwards progression with sideways progression as in bone tools becoming better with different dino bones, or changing fiber to vines or sinew, or if we have different kinds of metal we should be able to swap out the types of metal (the durability or damage should change based on the obtainability or the realistic qualities of the actual metal so gold would be worse than iron or steel would be made with said iron and bones).
  3. This makes sense, but the ARK system is running again since Santiago and Meeka both have Implants. The devs will probably work the Colony Ship into the game somehow. Not sure exactly if they'll change the ratio, but it's possible.
  4. I do agree that there are some sci-fi elements (space station, tek creatures, implants, the colony ship, etc.) but I wouldn't classify it as a wholly science fiction game. To be a sci-fi game, it needs to have all of the elements return to the sci-fi aspect, including the plot, armor, weapons, enemies, and environment. But get rid of the tek tier, and you're left with a survival game with dinosaurs that just happens to be on a space station (which isn't even noticeable while playing), and the only sci-fi items are the Obelisks. While Ark 1 does have elements that partially connect to the sci-fi theme, those elements being the tek weapons, lore, and loot crates, however it not only has more, but stronger ties to the survival theme. They are as follows: 1.) The constantly dangerous environment 2.) The need for food and water 3.) The early and midgame weapons and armor are 20th century at best 4.) The need for resources to be harvested and consumed in the crafting process 5.) How easy it is to lose all progress 6.) The lack of actual in-game plot or the lack of "winning" (Not storyline, but plot) I could accept Aberration and the Genesis DLC's being classified as sci-fi DLC's, but as they aren't necessary to the game, it doesn't change the fact that all of the free maps have little to no sci-fi elements besides the ones stated prior.
  5. Dodge2134

    Ark 2 ideas

    ARK IS A SURVIVAL SANDBOX WITH DINOSAURS ON AN ALIEN PLANET!!!! NOT A DAMN MMORPG!!! Bro, everything you've posted about Ark II has either been 1.) a direct copy of my submitted mechanic ideas, 2.) just ideas for "Elden Ring: Dinosaur Edition" or 3.) crappy Ark 1 mod ideas.
  6. Ark was meant to be a survival sandbox with dinosaurs, all set on an island with weird ecosystems and biomes. But I feel that Wildcard is wanting to not only continue the amazing lore the game has, but also return to the roots of the game. Those roots being primitive survival. In order to bring in new players and add a new level of gameplay, Wildcard added and changed and changed and added they way you play the game (ex. tek armor and weapons, more fantasy/sci-fi creatures, and in-game environments). They wanted to keep the ball rolling and they finally got it to the top of the hill. But now they want to have another go at it. And I am all for a simple "Enable Tek" or "Enable Modern" buttons for singleplayer or unofficial.
  7. Wildcard is trying to give us a new, more primitive, classic Ark experience. They might add an "Enable Tek" feature later on for unofficial servers. It's also not a "sci-fi game" it's an open-world survival sandbox set in the distant future on a different planet.
  8. Bro just wants a damn building simulator. There are like seven people who do this. I will build bases for people with my own time and resources, in exchange for in-game resources, tames, food, structures, or weapons.
  9. This is exactly what Ark ISN'T about. It's about the difficult journey the survivor endures. It's about the risk and the reward of trying to raid that one base: you might lose a ton of creatures but it's the payout that makes you do it. There's nothing like Ark in the sense of how hard it can be to live comfortably in the game, but also how easy it is for you to lose all of your progress in hours. By having people just pumping weight so they can keep everything they ever owned from vanishing, you no longer have the same experience. Now you're left with a "Dinosaur Space Battle Simulator" where people just buy all of their tames. And the whole reason megatribes exist, is because they spend the time, and play their cards right to get to the position they're in, NOT by just buying their stuff.
  10. That's likely very true. But as they say, "Great minds think alike." /j I would not surprised if they were already working on this stuff. They're pretty good ideas for a survival sandbox.
  11. Dodge2134

    Ark II Taming

    I had a thought for a taming option for larger creatures. Like how in Ark I, you can have a Rex target a single player as the rest of the tribe tranqs it. But it still takes the regular time to tame. I was thinking that if more people in your tribe are a part of the taming process, the faster it would tame (like 3-3.5x). This would need a balance though, an equivalent exchange for the faster tame. My thought would be that: 1.) It would only work on carnivores bigger than a raptor. 2.) You need to deal more torpor so the K/O takes longer.
  12. They did listen! They added two of the features I suggested (this one, and a sideways weapon progression mechanic). And as far as I've seen, I'm the only one to have suggested this stuff. Now it comes down to if Wildcard will hold true to the 2023 release date lol.
  13. It's been a while since I've interacted with this post. But with all of the Ark II info we got in June, it makes me wonder; did they add the structure blueprint and blueprint sharing because of this post? Maybe, probably not though.
  14. I was thinking that they could have it set so if you can see even a tiny portion of the corner on a build, then the rest could be in the terrain. And adding some of S+ features too (rather than items, maybe just the pickup gun). Or just making the pickup timer a bit longer, and have the ability to place pillars on corners.
  15. it would be more for like vague rp, or if you just have a good started base design and (like me) you start fresh on new servers constantly. Or Arkpocalypse servers. Terraforming would be nice, but only to a certain extent.
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