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  1. I bought Ark: Genesis Season Pass I purchased the season pass on Xbox and made sure to buy the correct one for Xbox and not windows 10. On the store it says I own it but it’s not showing up on my downloadable content. I need help figuring this out I’ve trouble shooted this issue for the past two days. I will not be able to get a refund from Xbox after 5 days! I under stand that the maps are not out yet, I’m simply just trying to get my HLNA skin to start hunting down the explorer notes.
  2. I need help! It’s been 8 hours and I can’t log In It’s been 8 hours since this issue first came about. I’m new to the ARK community. I’ve been playing for about a week now and I fell in love with the game but the character and stuff I’ve been working on can not be accessed! “Waiting on login lock, try again in a few minutes”... well I went to bed and waited 8 hours and still a no go . can anybody help me figure out how to fix this issue??
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