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  1. Trolling looks bad, which is exactly what you're doing.
  2. You have proven you can say silly things without backing up your previous comment about why this map is for PvE. Either bring something constructive to this or better yet, say nothing at all. Anything else looks bad not only on you, but since you're a volunteer moderator, also on Wildcard as a company.
  3. Yes, you have proven that. What you have not proven is how this map is made for PvE.
  4. Saying that Genesis is geared for PvE is like saying your car runs fine without oil in the engine.
  5. Eviga has it right. These are the reasons the map is a failure. The restrictions imposed to force us to rely mostly on the items/creatures Genesis provides and not being able to use a lot of the tames and items from previous maps. Not the difficulty, that's expected although being at around 10% health by the time you can take your first step is simply too much. You should at the very least have a chance to survive the initial spawn.
  6. The price is so high because it's a season pass including 2 maps in total, Genesis and a future one scheduled for the end of the year (Winter 2020).
  7. The map itself is too restrictive compared to other maps. Not being able to ride a dino between the biomes like previous maps is a fail. Trying to use HLN-A can be a nightmare as it tends to just zip away most of the time you attempt to interact wih it. Not being able to use flying mounts on an open map is a fail unless it is a bug or locked behind progression. It just doesn't make sense other then function as a brake on the rate at which people can obtain resources. The only thing working on the tek suit is the helmet's vision modes and air, but nothing else? A big, fat, fail. Imposing restri
  8. As others have mentioned the reason the tether is there is due to the limited resources (processing power, memory, and limitations on how fast your hard drive or solid state drive can load) the consoles have. Yes, they could put in an option to adjust the length but to be honest the tether is more likely then not already optimized. Stretching the tether further would require more memory and would put a much greater load on your consoles processor and storage media. If your console starts to run out of memory your game will crash, if it overloads the processor and/or storage media everything wi
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