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  1. The QOL changes yall are implementing are what made me come back to ark, i would really love to see some options regarding graphics on xbox one(think center sun being BLINDING to the point you cant play in that direction), i would also like to see maybe a piece of Tek that will auto pick up Fertilized eggs and non fert eggs, maybe a Tek Air Conditioner, in general what (in my opinion) ark would benefit from is some automation of some sort to reduce the sheer tedium of the game, i have genuinely worn out 3 controllers in the past 2 years JUST from playing ark, make the Automation Tek and hard to get idc, just please implement some sort of tedium relief. thank you Wildcard for sticking with us and this game, yall have a very special place in my heart simply because yall havent dipped on us yet(99% of gamedevs i can think of woulda bailed LONG BEFORE now)
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