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  1. Great job Wild card Looks like the new update has wiped a lot of unofficial servers. Great work WC. Everyone came to you about bugs so you release an update that creates more problems.
  2. Never mind this didnt work.
  3. Yeah mines the same. Trying to reload the server on an earlier save atm. Everyone on my server has had everything wiped thanks wildcard.
  4. I'm on xbox as well and have bought 2 t3 crates both had tek reps
  5. Yeah my keyboard on xbox works fine. It just doesn't seem to accept the admin command. Hell I cant even enable admin let alone input commands. Enablecheats still doesnt even log in
  6. Think it's a bug. I'm having similar issues.
  7. Think it's a current bug. Mine dont work either
  8. Valherru

    Admin commands

    Is it still Enablecheats password
  9. Valherru

    Admin commands

    Think so. I have reset the server back to default just incase I have tweaked something wrong lol. Now just need to tweak the settings again.
  10. Valherru

    Admin commands

    Admin commands Anyone else coming across issues as far as entering enabling admin.
  11. Well atleast I got some game time in today.
  12. Hopefully these issues are fixed soon. Looking at trying my unofficial server today. Hope it works lol. Now that updates are hopefully over.
  13. Oh hell. That's pretty bad mate
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