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  1. Session filter: unofficial PC Sessions Name Filter: simcarkar We are after a few new small tribes to join the server to enhance the pvp and tribe war aspects.
  2. Yeah nice for unofficial servers even pvp would still add a great element.
  3. Issues activating admin commands I'm doing the usual. EnableCheats password But to no avail
  4. Have a look at simkarcar. Pretty lowkey pvp server. We encourage other tribes to become established. Before tribe wars etc
  5. Recruiting non off xbox for geneisis Low key good for beginner players. Will be a degree of pvp but there are rules around it to encourage new players to grow. Such as no base raids until players are a certain level etc. We also have a similar setup in Valguero and open to new members.
  6. Thanks for that. Shall keep an eye on it. Hadnt thought of that lol since it was 8 eggs in short period of time but that would make sense.
  7. Are you still looking. I host a pvp server but for the most part the server is pve. No one base raids etc.
  8. Cant pick up Wyvern eggs!!! Tried multiple times today to pick up eggs. Raided 8 Wyvern nests today picked up the eggs but when I checked my inventory they werent there. Even made sure the +1 added to inventory was coming up as well. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. Is this available on xbox/Console??
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