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  1. On PVE official Extinction I completed a 50k vein 20 minutes ago and got 1300+ element with 1 giga.
  2. I agree with this I lost so much do to bugs. Have they got the blue screen fixed yet.
  3. Sorry to hear about your predicament just wondering what platform and is this official server? Do you have a screenshot of your tribe governance showing that you are the admin? And do you have a screenshot of your characters specimen implant? I've heard tell of GM's using steam achievements as verification for boss fights.
  4. I would say Extinction I enjoyed Genesis but they Nerf the element Again by 40%.
  5. I was able to recover a wyvern & Argent. I shot a grapple hook into them lowered myself down and whistled them to follow me. They were able to pull us out of the invisible water stream. I suspect if they're not glitched in the Island. You should also be able to cryo pod them. I hope this helps maybe I just got lucky.
  6. Like I said they're bugged they have to be constantly refilled. Forget the canteens and go straight to a crafting drink recipe. they expression in two Days in your inventory they do not evaporate and stack to 20. You can get better recipes by mine wiping and putting all your points into crafting skill. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Custom_Consumable
  7. Sorry to hear about the Lost characters if you would like help and leveling up a new character. I would be willing to help On Extinction PC PVE Discord tag. Overwatch#6045
  8. It's one of the bugs I mean features for scorched-earth. you just have to learn to live with it. Even canteens lose their water. I would recommend crafting custom drink recipes to get around the evaporating canteens.
  9. I've got ascended therizino BP on extinction doing purple drops.
  10. Use the Iguanodon to seed berries in his inventory. Seeds count as a crafted item.
  11. Alphys cannot consume bodies. use another Dino to lead it's a way. Oh on single player you also run into a issue if a resource node has not respond by the time you log out it gets deleted. The game is really meant to be played on a server were time continues on even when you're logged off. In my several thousand hours on Ark the most important thing you can have is not blueprints or a huge base. it's good tribe mates. Good luck Survivor
  12. Was it PVP or PVE? Why did they ban your tribe leader? did he appeal it?
  13. I would recommend just using a dino gate you can only place 88 structures on a wooden raft.
  14. I've lost two tek skiff in lunar do to meteors. it seems like they target the player. I would only recommend building in a cave that has water or just a taming pen that you don't mind getting destroyed. I would recommend building in the volcano area where all the resources are at. I had a taming Outpost in lunar under a cliff for about 5 months. The only damage it took was from the defense units that kept attacking it.
  15. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on theme. Then select ISP default. The background will turn white and the menu button will appear. Good luck Survivor.
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