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  1. PS4 Ark so laggy its unplayable. How do I lower my video settings? I own Ark on my Steam build, Xbox, and PS4 but my friends are on PS4 so I want to make it work. Whenever I connect with to an Ark server the lag is so incredible that the combat is impossible. (I have been trying for a week now on different servers). Ping to the server is 99ms and I and PS4 network test NAT2 45MBps down and 45MBps up I have detail graphics, vsync, and motion blur off. Do I need to buy a PS4 Pro? I have read that it is not much better for lag. Is there a way for me to change settings to lower res and lower frame rate? I read someone say they had the game set to 720p for PS4, but I can't seem to find that setting to lower my resolution. I just need to kill the lag so I can play, I don't need it to be pretty. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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