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  1. I can’t get onto official genesis server 1160. Leaves me with a primalgamedata_bp loading screen after 90seconds or so boots me to session list while saying joining sever then times me out! I click another sever it starts loading me in in the bottom right instead of primalgamedata_bp it says genesis and loads me in perfectly fine. Just want an answer/fix to this problem deleted n reinstalled the game also tried joining friends through join session that either blue screens me or says I don’t have the genesis map yet can join another sever but not the one my tribes on!!! Please help me out @Cedr
  2. Primalgamedata_bp need help can’t load a certain server on pve official (PS4) starts to load then times out. No the servers not down. Yes I’ve uninstalled reinstalled and everything in between need help and no one seems to have any answers or the same problem!!
  3. Primalgamedata_bp Game will not let me launch the server 1160 on genesis ps4 official pve. It’s nothing to do with my character, I’ve uninstalled ark and reinstalled need anaswers
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