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  1. Wow this is till a problem I wonder if it will ever be fixed it’s been about a month and a week or so.
  2. Well it’s good to know they may have a fix coming soon I hope.
  3. Yeah very frustrating no one has even responded to this issue like they already delayed genesis so I have to deal with this also?
  4. Its crazy because drops haven’t been spawning on any map except the island for about a month now and not one person has even ADDRESSED the issue their are countless posts of this single player issue and they haven’t done anything it’s very frustrating, no loot, no artifacts. There’s no reason to even play this game on single player until it’s all fixed.
  5. Yup still an issue right now was working fine a few weeks ago but it’s bugged again only the island has drops and bosses and alphas
  6. This isn’t fixable by us but only by the devs and they haven’t responded to this issue at all it’s been like this for weeks since their last big update. The island is the only map that gets all of these spawns the other ones are basically useless when it comes to endgame stuff right now.
  7. Yeah this has been issue for about 3 weeks and wildcard hasn’t even addressed it, all of the maps except the island have no drops no artifacts and no alphas spawning. It’s pathetic they don’t even say anything after their are tons of people talking about it in their bug reports section.
  8. Yup on valguero I can’t even play rn because the artifacts won’t spawn and i need them. This should get some attention at the very least.
  9. It’s been way to long to have a problem like this ignored I literally can’t continue and finish the bosses because the artifacts won’t spawn wack company hasn’t even responded to issues their updates cause.
  10. This is been happening on single player on Xbox I can’t even do the bosses because the artifacts are not spawning.
  11. newest update did nothing for drops on valgeuro.
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