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  1. Yup on valguero I can’t even play rn because the artifacts won’t spawn and i need them. This should get some attention at the very least.
  2. It’s been way to long to have a problem like this ignored I literally can’t continue and finish the bosses because the artifacts won’t spawn wack company hasn’t even responded to issues their updates cause.
  3. This is been happening on single player on Xbox I can’t even do the bosses because the artifacts are not spawning.
  4. newest update did nothing for drops on valgeuro.
  5. What maps can you play on I can only play on valguero, center and Island
  6. Waste of my money and will make me never want to spend money on ark ever again still a game preview only difference is their scamming console users into buying and unfinished product.
  7. Single player drops not spawning since last patch This is a problem along with wyvern nests, I have not checked in caves yet but I’m sure those aren’t not spawning either unless someone can correct me on that my only way of getting great loot right now is by killing alphas.
  8. I do for maps I paid good money for what a waste of money
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