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  1. No ordinary xboxserver where u the player are valued Here at team no sleep we want u to have the experience your looking for also a say in how u would like the server to be,after all noones going to play a server they don't like right your feed back will be taken on board we try are best to make the server to as close as we can to the stats u like ect but there's always room for improvements. Come join us where u the players are actually valued not just as a number to the server count FRESH WIPED JUST NOW TEAM NO SLEEP CLUSTER RAG VAL lISLAND 24/7PvP Starter No Admin Abuse X10Harvest X5Stack Custom Drops Infinite Weight Infinite Food/Water Insta Tame 4 Man Tribes Fast breeding Auto Engramsunlock In Game Currency&Shop Stay loyal to server get rewarded 5 days 10 days 2 weeks ect Discord https://discord.gg/suuk7KQ
  2. TEAMNOSLEEP Search in unofficialpcsession RAG EXTINCTION llSLAND New map will be added on release Aberration being added shortly Never Wipe 24/7PvP Starter(Pt) X10Harvest X5Stack Custom Drops Infinite Weight Insta Tame 4 Man Tribes Fast breeding Auto Engramsunlock InGameCurrency&Shop Rewards for staying loyal to server Discord suuk7KQ100 Donation page DEDI BOX FULL OF... 1. Bullets £5 2. Shards £25 3. Element £35 4. 50 placeable plant x £15 Other resource are case by case fireBase Package £30... 1. 250 Heavy Turrets 2. 50 Tek Turrets 3. 1 Dedi box of ar bullets 4. 5 arb blueprints 5. 10k Element 6. 1k Metalwalls/ceilings/foundation 7. 100 Metal Giant hatch frames/dinogates/frames 8. Base stat tame of your choice 9. Full flak set bp Events Raid the raft - This event involves admins defending a ship while competitors try to attack! -All you have to do is board the ship to gain your prise but you have to be on the ship for atleast 10 seconds once your on/in, the fighting stops! Good luck #boardtheship Rules No meshing No cheating No glitching to gain an advantage No clipping No duping No Ddosing No prisoners No blue tagging No insiding No popcorning No joining tribes and taking whats not yours Owner of tribe can be voted out (Evidence is required)
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