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  1. As of right now just updated to .38 on pc and console, still no visible osd's and corrupted, big update on pc side (59 gbs) and still nothing, destroyed wild dinos to see if it would do anything , what am i not getting here? 8 days waiting for a fix, huge update and still nothin?
  2. on my end being a multiplatform unoficial server admin for my whole tribe, that takes the cake, we've been having issues the last couple of days with invisible corrupted dinos and osc's in extinction, now they nerf the mana even tho we all enjoy the pve side of the game more then the pvp, (talking about the dozen people i play with that bought a copy of the game with season pass mind you) you guys at WC take the decision once more to shove something down our throats that we didnt want even if the game is broken already, if people on official likes those nerfs and updates, fine idc, but let the
  3. same issue here, been 5 days and now they nerfed the mana's without even fixing this mess, wth is wrong with these guys.... only looking at pvp officials, rest is just colateral damage.
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