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  1. I even followed this advice right here and my survivor still sounds like a cattle herder.
  2. What's going on for me, Since it didn't work, the line that Cedric tells us to modify was not there where he said it would be. So if it worked for you, please enlighten the rest of us. We may not be as sharp as a lot of other people who often go in and view/modify game data on the reg. As you can see, I don't see a line resembling anything he said should exist there. So if I copy and paste that line of code (or whatever it's called) into the bottom and just save it and rerun the program, it still doesn't do anything for me.
  3. Guys... Im having a hard time understanding studio wildcard... I came back from a long Ark break. I have 120 days worth of game time in it and played on launch... How the hell does this whistle problem still exist after it was discovered. How has no one at Wildcard posted in here a solution that doesnt involve me putting in code or settings change. I just need this game to work like it should? How is this not a criminal offense? We remember Fallout 76... What the hell is going on and how does Studio Wildcard still have somewhat of a clean nose after this and clipping under the map and flying doggy dragons with ice breath and how the hell are they still in business?
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