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  1. Sad tings I've had lots of disappointment but not like this and wack a level 5 pego killin off a level 215 lighting wyvern us something i thought i would never hear
  2. 56 was its level they were 30 and 21
  3. Imma just say dis you say it ain't supposed to be as tanky as a giant carnivore now they had more health then the rex did after taking damage from the rex i still could not kill them i also did not purposely attack dem and wit sush a big health pool o don't see why they are given that ability to heal
  4. Retarded daedons Ok ok ok so i litteraly just want to say to ark that you have made a dumb bug in the daedons in this they are way way too strong two of them were able to kill my tyrannosaurus two pigs two oh and there health is just through the roof of course and also its completely bs that they can heal one another the full health instantly on the spot ark needs to tone down these stupid primal boars.
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