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  1. going in and out of one of the 2 domes makes the flickering stop.
  2. Our Solution is now to teleport to the Snow Biome and back, using s+teleporter and the Problem is gone till next Session. Got my AA anf AF Settings on 8x and 16x.
  3. strange things happent to us, we standing close togehter on our owls and i droped an item out of the owls inventory and bam... for both of us it was getting bright, we were both in 3rd person, also after a sideseeing tour in one of the bioms i had for hours a working dynamic light, no flicker or dark bright till the next restart.
  4. Same thing for me and my wife, we play on a private server (asm). from extrem dark to extrem bright, sometimes with flickering. on singleplayer also, with or without mods loaded. happens for us after the xmas event finished. i tryed some previous "flickering" solutions i could find but none of them works. wo both have gtx 1070´s, latest drivers.
  5. also on extiction, after the xmas event me and my wife got the same flickering thing (both 1070gtx),also the nighttime/daytime thingy while sitting on a tame and switching between first an third person view. happens on our privat asm server with mods and on singleplayer with no mods loaded.
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