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  1. Need tips for aberration solo pvp Solo pvp on small tribes Aberration has been rough. I’ve lost roughly 7 bases. Most last only a couple days. Occasionally I have one last a week or two. Most recently I managed to build a small hidden base with 14 turrets only to have it destroyed in minutes. When people raid they don’t just steal your stuff but burn the base to the ground until there is nothing left. I’ve realized it is impossible to defend as auto turrets alone are not strong enough anymore And layered walls mean nothing, so I’m assuming the best policy is to stay hidden. But how? Everywhere you go people have built already. And any hiding place will be found out eventually. Any base small enough to stay hidden probably only has a single forge and won’t be able to fit any of the larger crafting stations. That makes the grind very long if you want to get the end game (rock drakes, reapers, basilisks, artifacts and boss fights). But the longer the grind is the more likely your base will be wiped before you get there. I know people will say kee your stuff spread out but that just means more based to maintain and an even longer grind.
  2. How do you get reapers or a basilisk without a base? I’ve only been able to get a reaper by using rock drakes and basilisks require rock drake eggs to tame. For rock drake eggs you need hazard suits which requires fabricators, gas balls, tons of crystal, etc. Also you need at least a few high-level megas or spinos to get your first eggs. I was literally going to get eggs today and that’s why I had been breeding megas.
  3. Thanks for the advice. The tiny crafting base was working well for me, but I had a pair of high-level (145 and 150 wild) megas that I wanted to breed and use to fetch rock drake eggs so I needed some extra room. Things are slow without a chemistry bench and I really want an industrial forge someday. My biggest mistake was not keeping some of my possessions spread out in other locations. I naively thought that if I was raided the main vault would be destroyed but they wouldn’t find the secret vault. I lost 9 high level megas and a dozen other dinos in crypods. The megas are my biggest loss as it hard to find high level ones.
  4. How was my base destroyed? I'm not new to Ark but fairly new to Ark PVP. I've been playing solo and I built a series of bases on an official Aberration small tribes PVP server, which were all destroyed fairly quickly. Finally, I built a hidden base behind a waterfall which was protected on 3 sides. It started off as a all-in-one 2x1 crafting base which I expanded and then added an additional room for a chemistry bench, generator, and dinosaur breeding. Since it was built on the water, I had to build foundations on the river floor and then pillars protected by walls 6 or so levels high to reach the water surface. All walls and ceilings were double or triple layered metal. Even though the usable area of the base was just a 2x2x2 room and a 2x3x3 room, it ended up being hundreds of metal walls. I had a main vault up in the base and a hidden one on the river floor at the bottom of the base. I built 14 auto turrets, each with at least 300 bullets and all with 1 or 2 battery backups in them. The turrets were mainly on the roof on the base but about a third were underwater along the sides and front. The turrets were set on a mix of survivor+tames and survivor only. Some were survivor-only with 4-second warning for rocket defense. I was able to create about 200 bullets a day, although that number went up a bit once I got the chemistry bench. Early on, I had one failed solo raid attempt in which my turrets killed the attackers crab and then the attacker (I was online at the time). My base lasted about 3 weeks. Yesterday when I logged on I noticed that I was dead and my base was completely destroyed. The only thing left was a couple of electrical cables. Looking at the logs, the raid appeared to only last minutes. Not a single enemy survivor or dino was killed. The first messsage shows the enemy destroying the only door which was double-layered and fairly hidden in the back. Then they went inside and destroyed everything inside including the generator. Then they destroyed all the walls and turrets. Hundreds of walls in minutes. Nothing was left. This was only about 2 hours since I logged off and the turret batteries were fully charged so destroying the generator wouldn't have been enough to stop the turrets. I can only assume they soaked the bullets from 14 turrets (roughly 4,000 bullets total) without a single dino or survivor dying. And then they used C4 to blow up the front door. The turrets were destroyed after they got inside so I don't think they used rockets or anything to take out the turrets. The front door was protected by at least 6 turrets, 3 of which were underwater so they wouldn't have been to use rockets on them anyways. I was shocked at how quickly the base was destroyed. Scrolling through the logs is just messages like "metal wall destroyed" for pages in which appear to take only minutes. I talked to people in game and another person had been raided by them but no one had even heard of their tribe before. People said it was probably a mega tribe (I'm guessing from another server), but this is small tribes where you are limited to 6 memebers so there really aren't' any "mega tribes". I really don't understand what happened. What I've learned is that double or triple-layering walls doesn't help at all. Also there is no point in hiding vaults as your base will likely be burned to the ground if it is raided. Finally, and this is the most depressing, is that it doesn't seem like auto turrets do anything at all. It took a ton of grinding to get that many turrets and more importantly, the bullets, and they didn't kill a single dino or survivor. I'm only level 89 and so I can't make heavy turrets yet. I realize that 300 bullets per turret is not a lot. But I'm still shocked at how ineffective they were. I suppose my next base will have to be even more hidden, but I know I will eventually be found, and the worst part is that it seems that no defense will ever be good enough. I'm not sure what to do going forward. It seems it is impossible to start out PVP unless you can join an established tribe.
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