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  1. Ahh I understand, thanks for your help
  2. Over 150 So i play on ps4 ark, and i watch this youtuber who has dinos spawn up to 180. He was on pc, but is there a way to get this on ps4?
  3. So the boss fight went really easy, most of my spinos only took 2-3k damage, so you can easily do the gamma, and the beta should work as well i think
  4. I'll let you know what happens in this chat!
  5. Thanks, I am gonna try it with my spinos, and the beta i will probably do with megatheriums as you advised, I hope to have breed enough in a couple of days so we'll see how its gonna go
  6. Theydeal 320 damage without the buff, 390 with the buff of water They have purple and dark blue sadles. The yuti has 13k hp, his stam is 1500. I will ride him so he wont get hurt as much by the broodmother The yuti has a primitive saddle
  7. Broodmother boss fight So i have these spinos with 15k health, and 500 percent attack damage. I also have a level 160 yuti with good stats. I am wondering if i can do the gamma broodmother boss fight with 19 of these spinos and 1 yuti. This is gonna be my first boss fight ever so i have no experience what so ever. There is a bit of water in the broodmother arena, wich will also boost the attack of the spinos.
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