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  1. So a during the halloween event i managed to kill a dodorex with deinonychus in my single player. But after only a few days they have disapeared. I thought that they all disappeared because they were all in 1 tight group but i left 1 out and he is gone as well. Nothing else has disappeared and nothing chat logs says that they were killed or despawned. Any idea how this happened and if i can get them back?
  2. Ps4 on sale in west europe So wildcard said there were gonna be sales during the summerbash event, but I have not seen any. Are these sales not for ps4? Or not for europe?
  3. Broodmother fight So I was wondering if my army could take on beta broodmother. I have 18 therizinos, 1 yuty and 1 daeodon. The therizinos have 20k hp and 470 melee. The yuty has 2k stam and 10k hp and the daeodon has 15k hp with 48k food. Single player settings are turned off btw.
  4. I always thought that you are a homo sapiens while you are on the arks, but when you ascend from enough arks, that you would become homo deus. Like it is to test wich survivors are strong enough to ascend several times, those become homo deus.
  5. Yellow osd So I play on ps4 official pve extinction, and I was wondering if I would be able to do the yellow osd. I have a rex with 41k health and 1100 melee from my island server transfered to extinction (it has imprent bonus on me) and my friend can ride on an abberant megalo with 18k health and 450 melee not imprented. Will we be able to do this with just these 2 creatures?
  6. What orbital supply drops can i do with 1 rex that has 38k health and 1000 attack dmg?
  7. Legaat servers are official and are created by wildcard, soyou cannot created one
  8. What are the settings like taming hatching and harvesting?
  9. Looking for ps4 pve server and tribe Hi there, (I play ark on ps4) Does anybody want to play on a unofficial pc server that is not too boosted? You don't need experience to play ark with me, I'm just looking for a friend to play with. I'm Dutch but I can speak english. My favourite maps are 1.abberation 2. Ragnarok 3. The island 4. Valguero. I probably won't go in voice chat immideatly, first I would like to get to know you a bit better. ~~ Willempies12
  10. Reaper in mushroom forrest Hello there So yesterday i was playing on my official pve aberration server, when like 30 nameless appeared at my base in the mushroom forrest. After a while a reaper king also appeared, but he despawned after a minute. The nameless destroyed a lot of the creatures and buildings I had. I had been in the blue biome half an hour before, but if they followed me, they would have been at my base way earlier because it is not that far of a walk and nameless are kinda fast. Is this a thing that nameless can spawn here or is it a bug?
  11. Oh glad it is just a bug, i thought my controller broke
  12. Over 150 So i play on ps4 ark, and i watch this youtuber who has dinos spawn up to 180. He was on pc, but is there a way to get this on ps4?
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