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  1. thanks I did have a look but the option for PVE mode is off do I need to turn this on?
  2. unclaimed dino hi again, think I have put on a setting on my server that I didn't want on, I had a tamed dino I didn't want it so I unclaimed it and tried to kill it but nothing was happening cant find anything on my server settings to sort this. any ideas thanks
  3. pick up timer! how can i take the timer off structures so i can pick them up anytime? thanks
  4. pick up timer! hi, im trying to take the timer off so i can pic up structures any time i have been told to put AlwaysAllowStructurePickup=True in rGameUserSettings.ini i have put at the top of the list but still have a timer on everything, is this the correct way of doing it
  5. I will have look and try them thank you
  6. I have tried enablecheats and password. But not using quotation Mark's I will give that go. Thank you.
  7. I have tried that that and it come up in tribe log but nothing is happening. I also dont know which admin commands are best to use for ps4.
  8. Admin commands Can some one please help, I dont know what I am doing wrong I have my own server and I'm trying to use admin commands and nothing is working. I have put my server password in and tried using "enablecheats" but nothing is working for me. What am I doing wrong?
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