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  1. I strongly doubt bases will come back . Dino's maybe, as apparently they are only hidden (hence no bag drops from the dino's). Problem is this area is currently still a kill zone - so don't rebuild in same place and don't end session in there. On my map in The Island Bad areas; 49.2 51.6 48.1 48.2 47.3 53.7 OK area; 47.3 56.2 So I am guessing that roughly, anything within 4 lat & long points of the centre - is BAD.
  2. yep same for me - more info of my troubleshooting here. Seems to be related to specific area and seems to be centre of map for those having the issue - all maps too I think. Clearly the centre of the map 'isn't' the best place to build
  3. Yep same issue for me in single player The Island. See my issues in more detail here (maybe should delete that post and paste here??)
  4. "You Died!" insta kill - no reason - certain area New user to this forum so thanks in advance for any help or ideas I've been using Ark on Xbox for years. Just local single player map (boring I know). No issues at all. Got GamePass recently so starting playing across PC & Xbox (same saved map). No issues at all. Haven't played for a couple of weeks and turned on Xbox to the "You Died!" message. I knew this wasn't right as I always cease in a safe place/time. So I kicked up PC version without syncing and sure enough I was fine. After about 7 hours of troubleshooting it seems that always - that map on PC is fine. But always that map now on Xbox has an area in the centre of the map (see attached) where I will die everytime if starting session there. It also destroys anything I built in that area or any tames in that area. Completely gone and lost everything in that circle. Contents of storage, smithy, etc will remain in the satchel/bag for collection, but tame contents don't. The area is where I have had a base for many months. Could it be a glitch since Xmas Ark finished? Is it something I can fix? Seems that whole area now is no good for me to keep tames, build anything, store anything or to end a session in. Its a decent sized area too. Any ideas??? I can save outside that area on Xbox and return, no problems. If I end session in that area - DEAD. 'Lucky' for me I shut down Xbox immediately and opened in PC without syncing. Did this repeatedly for all the troubleshooting but was able to use PC version to move all tames out to safe area before opening in Xbox to collect my bags and start setting up outside the 'circle of death'.
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