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  1. Server Transfer Secret I’ve been playing on a unofficial server for about a month and a half already, and all of us on the server have never seen the server admin before, since we don’t know when will the server expire, we decided to rent a server and transfer to it, but after we use the server transfer ticket we realised that the server we were at have no transfer secret, and we are now no where to go, I’ve made a post like a week ago to ask if there is a way to contact the admin, but the reply told me to go to the server info page and click the info button to see if there is contact of the admin, but the button doesn’t really work which the reply is seriously terrible, now I just want to see if there is a way to find the server transfer secret of my old server My old server (unofficial) : PvE All 2x EU free The transfer secret is all I need thanks, stop giving me garbage reply, or just try to do it before giving me advice of what to do thanks Ive also been to https://server.nitrado.net/eng/toplist/index and I don’t even see this server lol
  2. P4TH3T1C

    No Server admin

    Yea when I click on the info button it redirects me to the App Store page and nothing happened , is there another way?
  3. P4TH3T1C

    No Server admin

    No Server admin I’ve been playing on an unofficial server for about a month, and all of us on the server haven’t seen the server admin before, and now the server is full of dumb structures in all the good resources spots like the volcano, a lot of people just quit and left the structure there, just wanna ask is there a way to contact server admin to clean up the dumb structures? The server structure limits is about to reach the peak, and it’s just a server with 20 player slots Server: PvE All 2x EU free and one more thing is that, I don’t see a server expiry date on the server info, it just says ark free, is this a special server or smth? Just wanna know when will the server go down, or maybe if we can contact the admin, we can fund the admin to extend the server or maybe even take over
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