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  1. GameData files and Engrams with no labels Hi there, I am hoping someone more knowledgeable can help me. I use ASM to manage my ark server, however, recently i added a gamedata file for the mod gaia and structures plus (got them from here: https://github.com/Bletch1971/ServerManagers/tree/master/GameData). I noticed only after i moved to that particular ark that one or maybe more of the gaia engrams are placed incorrectly level wise... is there a way to remove the gamedata file effect on your game? removing it doesn't seem to resolve the issue. More importantly also
  2. Found what you where mentioning on here: https://arkids.net/commands Funny enough couldn't find it on the wiki. I'll have to do some testing to see if it works. Sounds like I can just set an imprint to a player ID. Curious, wouldn't my player ID be the same between servers? or is this something to do with Ark vs Steam ID?
  3. Basically, my wife and I played through the Island, obviously with just us two, we've leveled like crazy as I had to make the game easier. That said, we have a great base, and many tames... however, in the next Ark i want to take us to, which I think will be Ragnarok, due to its size etc... I want us to be able to take some of our Dino's with us, and be able to hop back and forth and get some resources, HOWEVER, we are level 100... whats the point of starting a new Ark, with Gaia which gives many new engrams to play with, if we're already level 100? I want to start the journey over, but with s
  4. Hey all, Thanks for the responses. Sounds like the console command for imprint transfer might be best, that and force adding a new member to a tribe. That should work. But i agree, i am VERY surprised that Wildcard have not allowed for this command. It makes lots of sense. hell i'm surprised they didn't simplify allowing a player multiple survivors!
  5. Removing Exp or Reset Level to 1 Hi all, Searched everywhere but running out of options. Is there a way to reset a player to level 1, take away level or experience? Yes i know i can create a new survivor and have them take over tribe stuff, but the one thing that does not transfer i believe is the dino's that my old character raised. This is for an ASM dedicated server if that matters at all. Any and all advise or help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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