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  1. Ouch that sucks at least you still have your dinos, maybe time for a relocation, a fresh start can always build something new!
  2. In summary... No it's not allowed.
  3. Im guessing you're speaking of the island? if so honestly once you've got your base down it'll be fine, a nice giga that can chomp on everything and you'll have nothing to worry about
  4. AFK while i figure out what i want to do in ark today
  5. SirBugsBunny


    Lockers Lockers that allow you to switch all of your equipped items along with every item on your hot bar with a click of one button, locker could even allow multiple loadouts, making it easy to switch between sets if you're about to jump in the ocean or Transmit to another server with different climate.
  6. Would love to see a kind of locker added in, similar to the one in the game "Rust" making it easy to switch between gear equipped and items on your hotbar
  7. Deep pockets but don't have access to The Trading Forums
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