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  1. Fence support bug Fence supports have now started saying "Can't Place Wooden Fence Support: Requires Nearby Foundation Support". It seems to be intermittent and only on some snap points but for no reason. This issue started after the latest patch. I also lost already placed structures and can't replace then due to this issue. I did have two screenshots to show one snap point working while the other doesn't. But as I can't upload both I have only added the one that shows the error. On a side note what's with the stupidly small upload quota? I had to resize my 1440p screenshot and use a meta stripper to upload one picture? How can anybody effectively report an issue if we can't upload screenshots to show the problem? Or is it that you don't want the issues shown at all! lol
  2. This is also the case on official servers. Wooden fence supports have issues. Completely removed my "battlement" on one server and can't add to existing wall on the other. EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter192 - (304.441) *Beginner*NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland430 - (304.441)
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